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So..... [Feb. 12th, 2005|04:36 pm]

Im sorry i havnt updated.

ive decided now i will start more often!...

last night i was meant to go watch outlier play at a show in st ives, (and see benny) but its a treck and a half.. and mickys car was full so Liz & i had no way home, so instead we went to wades, then walked down to daniel arches, where we met molly & him, then got some YUMMY as pizza, then watchted 'The Notebook'
i swear, i was crying so much, but i was hiding it so noone saw..!
so last night was nice, just chilling out!
tonight tehres a party at curly, but everyone will all be drunk and i dont feel like being around drunk boys & girls tonight, so i might just have a quiet night in. OR see what the girls are doing.

today i went to the mall, did some shopping, saw soph, hanson, dan and hung out with sarah, har har i bought her a boost, arnt i nice?
i have an obsession with coffee. from gloria jeans or however u spell it.

its hot. beach time!
love sar xx hope your all well

.. i love this man ..Collapse )

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You Make Me Wana LA LA! [Jan. 3rd, 2005|10:43 pm]
[mood |creativecreative]
[music |TAKING SIDES.]


i had a nice NYE, with alot of alco.. saw.. the gang, hung mostly with soph,dan,matt,dave,cheyanne, marcia.. etc..
saw EVERYONEEEEEEE. was super :)

i hope your all well.  + hope u all have a swell 2005.
love sar xox
ps. if anyone reads this.. wats your fav colours? (random) but tell..

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MY SPACE. [Dec. 29th, 2004|01:45 pm]


add it kids <3
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Boys with liprings.. [Sep. 23rd, 2004|04:32 pm]
Boys with lip rings = hot damn.
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